Kanga Valley Railway

Hop on the train at Pathankot to take the 164km journey to Jogindernagar, India. You will not be complaining about how slow the train on the Kanga Valley Railway takes (approximately just short of 10 hours) because of the amazing views to take in along the way. Encountering 33 stations and 970 bridges, people marvel at the engineering involved. The trains are simple but characters and culture are magnificent; stalls on the platform, cups of tea passed through train windows and Hindi songs being sang for tips. Travel past beautiful orange groves and tea gardens, playgrounds were children take their school lessons, low-forested hills and snow-capped mountains.

The most amazing thing about this experience is that it has an astounding price. A ticket for this train is 35 rupees, equivalent to 42p! Astonishingly, not many tourists take this train; only a fraction of the amount of people that take the celebrated ‘toy train’ up to Shimla, about 70 miles South.

The stretch of 18 miles from Mangwal to Kangra is the most picturesque with the majestic Ban Ganga Gorge and the deep Kangra Chasm. Approaching Palampur you will be presented with snowy peaks, 15000-16000ft in height. From here, the line runs parallel to Dhauladhar range (much nearer than any other railway in India).

If you need any more persuading, just look at pictures online, its breathtaking.


Idea from The Week Magazine