Ilkley Moor

Today, I had such a brilliant day, despite the wind, we went out as a university group for a hike on Ilkley Moor. It was a beautiful day! We got our maps, compasses and walking boots and had a fab day with great company. I love my university course sometimes! 


Proposal of the Year

Here is the story of how my Mum’s boyfriend (Lee) proposed to my Mum and how they ended up in the Newspaper. 

It all started on a cold November evening and I had a phone call from Lee. I was sat at my dining room table in Leeds and the first thing he said was ‘are you stood at the top of any stairs’ which I replied ‘no..’ 

‘I’m going to propose to your mum’ 

I screamed and jumped up, I was like a puppy being taken for a walk or a fat kid that had just been given cake. I was so excited. Immediately he told me his plan. 

They are going to Paris this March for a holiday, so he wanted to make her believe that’s where it was going to happen. She was wrong. His plan was to propose half way through an escape room. Myself and Lee started planning. First things first we found an escape room that allowed seven of us to take part. And we made sure myself, Lee, my mum (Cheryl), my brother (mark), his wife (izzy), Lee’s son (Daryl) and his partner (Gemma) were all free for the occasion. 

When we had everyone’s go ahead, we booked the room for the 21st January. The next part of the plan involved me telling my mum I had booked an escape room for us all to enjoy. She was scheduled to have an operation on February 1st so I used the excuse of ‘getting everyone together before you go into hospital’. She totally bought it. So everything was booked, the escape room knew and everyone was going to travel to Leeds to see the plan unfold.

The next stage was finding something we could do half way through an escape room to end up with Lee proposing. We racked our brains and everything was either too complicated or just impossible to do in an escape room. Before this time, I had never talked to Lee on the phone so much in my life. 

Myself and Lee eventually formed a plan.

Right here goes… 

(this plan wouldn’t have worked anywhere else other than an escape room because it was still quite complicated, but totally fitted in with other puzzles) 

I got seven small envelopes and labelled them 1 to 7 (the amount of people in the room) I then made a ‘rules’ sheet which looked like this…


The 7 envelopes and the rules sheet went in one big envelope. Lee had envelope one and mum had envelope two because they were the oldest. When Lee opened his the piece of paper inside, it read ‘question master’. When mum opened her envelope it read ‘answerer of questions’. 

This worked really well in the escape room because beforehand she clearly exclaimed she did not want to answer any questions because she didn’t think she was clever enough and she thought she would let the whole team down. Her face when she got ‘answerer of questions’ was priceless. But she thought it was part of the escape room. 

The plan was then for the rest of us to get in age order. Daryl, Gemma, Izzy, Mark then myself. This is were we opened our envelopes. There was two pieces of paper in our envelopes. The first pieces we pulled out, all together read ‘envelope two yes or no?’ Straight away my mum was like ‘no! I don’t want to be the answerer of questions’.  

The second pieces of paper in our envelopes read ‘Cheryl will you marry me?’ It looked like this..

My next concern was ‘how will everyone know which piece of paper to pull out first?’ This is were I was a genius. I cut out little green tabs and little pink tabs and stuck green ones to the first pieces of paper and pink ones to the second. Like this:

I then proceeded to make a group chat with everyone but mum in it to go ‘GREEN FIRST’ a thousand times before the day so they definitely knew. 

I took the big envelope with everything inside to the escape room the morning of the proposal. The staff were giddy and excited and they agreed to hide it in the room. We were all uber excited and mum didn’t have a clue. 

Well what can I say. It worked amazingly well. Even when the word ‘cheryl’ came out of an envelope she still had no idea! While we were all holding up the words, Lee got on one knee. She was gobsmacked, crying and laughing and ‘omg I never knew!’ The staff was so so good. They ran in and pulled party poppers and then ran back out. We were all full of excitement, until the staff had to remind us that we had to still escape from the room. Mum was just stood there gawping like a fish, we escaped for her, with 4 minutes to spare!

They gave us complimentary champagne and popcorn and it was such a brilliant day. 

They took photos and interviewed us to go in the paper because Cheryl and Lee were the first people to get engaged in an escape room! 

Thank you for a great day ‘The Great Escape Game Leeds’. (I would recommend anyone to go with these for a brilliant activity, it was so so fun!) 

10/10 awarded for myself and Lee for effort and ingenuity!

‘Honour is a balancing act and only the heart can strike that balance’ 

The newspaper post:

Hayley and Ash travel to the cinema to see La La Land

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 
We would give this film three stars. 
It is honestly one of the weirdest films I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are amazing. They’re so good at what they do and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t slightly (okay greatly) fall in love with Mr.Gosling. They really showed there love by just looking at each other. 
However, besides the fact Emma and Ryan did a brilliant job, and a lot of work clearly went into the production and story etc. it was still…wrong. The music was a bit lame, the songs were not rememberable, even though I was constantly humming that tune he plays on the piano when I got home. The ending wasn’t brilliant either. I longed for the happy ending and was disappointed. 
I’m also very confused about the era of the movie. The clothes they wore and the cars they drove were 60’s-80’s, except the car she drove which was more modern..and she had an iPhone too. Like I was expecting Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley to make an appearance but wearing chinos and dabbing, it’s just..odd. 
Parts of the film were magical, and it really kept me hooked and watching, making me long for a relationship like theirs throughout. Why can’t Ryan Gosling beep his horn at me and tap dance with me? It’s really not fair. 
I would recommend seeing it if you like musical romance films. 
The one thing it really did do was live up to its name…La La Land. 

Ghost Town in the Rockies

A remote area in Colorado contains the small town of Dunton which was founded in 1885 by gold miners. It was abandoned in 1990, but the hot springs carried on attracting visitors until 1994 when a German entrepreneur bought it and turned it into a luxury resort. It is said to have exquisite food and incredible service with no end of outdoor activities. With it being a two hour drive to the nearest town, you really feel like your part of American History. Each cabin has luxury facilities, beds, underfloor heating and baths surrounded by windows overlooking woodland. A library is available with a full collection of a variety of books, a big leather arm chair and a wood-burning stove.

Dining is communal which may put some people off but the characters you are likely to meet in a place like that could be extremely interesting. Outdoor activities are frequently undertaken by people staying here. Hiking, cycling, riding etc. or enjoy some nice yoga in a beautiful place. Campfires in the evening, roasting marshmellows after watching an old American western movie. You can fish nearby and there are plenty of walks to complete. Why not visit the World’s smallest sauna which is situated in a wagon on wheels!

This is the only Colorado resort to win an award and many packages are available. Cabins, glamping and visiting the Dunton town house. The town is so close to the San Juan Mountains and just steps from the West Fork of the Dolores River. Prices are a bit high but it is a beautiful place, full of character, portraying a different view for a romantic or family holiday.

I am writing about this place because I am looking for places to go when travelling, when the time comes. Idea for this place came from the week magazine.


The Plan

Me (Hayley) and Ashleigh have been travelling before. For two weeks around Europe, we got drunk many times, visited some amazing countries and had a brilliant time! We visited 7 different cities  in 2 weeks so we were absolutely knackered after! We have made this WordPress account, to share with you the stories of our next trip and our next planning adventure (it’s about the planning as well as the actual adventure). This time it’s going to be bigger, better and funnier. 

Our plan is, to go to Europe for a month, interrailing around and enjoying the sites. Then hopping on a plane to America, to travel down the coast, spending money to our hearts content! 

We are going to share with you our troubles of saving money (its really hard!) our ways of planning and how we find cheap flights and hostels, and what we look for in a good deal, before we jet off on our adventure. As well as sharing this experience with you, it’ll be nice to have something to look back on after! You can also follow our instagram ‘hayleyashtravel’ 

Please join us on our journey through life 😁