Hayley and Ash travel to the cinema to see Hidden Figures 

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 


Katherine Johnson (played by Taraji P. Henson) Dorothy Vaughn (played by Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (played by Janelle Monáe) were absolutely brilliant in the whole performance. 

Especially the young Katherine Johnson. She was portrayed as clever, genius and damn right beautiful, but she was also shy and just wanted to be recognised for her brilliant work! Dorothy Vaughn helped all of the other ladies feel like they are worth something and used her genius brain to make a move in the world of physics and mathematics for black women. Mary Jackson, fought for her freedom and won. The first black female engineer to work for NASA. 

The Director, Theodore Melfi, really put across an amazing picture. The emotion went from happy to angry to cover-your-eyes-I-just-cannot-watch moments! There were numerous times I nearly burst into tears, happy and sad! The contrast to how the blacks lived compared to white people and the incredibility of how they fought for what was right. In the film, there was also a few times were a scene really made a statement. When a white male finally ran the same path as the black glorious Katherine Johnson, they were finally equals. Really spoke out to us.

In reality, myself and Ash only went to see this film because it had Jim Parsons in it, playing Paul Stafford (also Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory). He didn’t disappoint. Even though I expected him to say ‘Bazinga’ or sing ‘soft kitty’ or do his door knocking ritual, he was still a brilliant actor! 

Can’t believe that he constantly winds Howard Wolowitz up about being an astronaut though and now he works for NASA!*

*If you don’t watch Big Bang Theory you will not understand that joke**

**if you don’t watch Big Bang Theory then I suggest you start because you will not regret it in the slightest.

Anyway, I have definitely gone off on a tangent here, but I would definitely recommend this film. It is moving and emotional and really opens your eyes to a true event that once took place in America. You see characters develop, grow and bond with other characters that makes a brilliant story. 

100% go and see! 


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