Saving money is one of the hardest things to do in the World. Life just eats up money and I need to learn some budgeting skills. For this trip to go ahead myself and Ashleigh need to save lots of money. I do have a job at a climbing wall part time while I’m finishing my degree. After my degree is where the big dilemma starts…

I have a few options I can do, but choosing the right one feels like a huge decision. I absolutely hate being an adult. 

So my options are…

1) live with some people I know who are staying in Leeds but are doing a masters; therefore I will be the only one paying council tax which is about £1000 a year for a 3 bed house (I’d still have to pay near enough the full amount even though I’m the only one in the house paying for it). While living in Leeds I’d work full time at the climbing wall. 

2) I find a house share with one or two other people so bills are split more equally however, I won’t know these people. It could turn out brilliantly but could also turn out really bad. Some houses are so cheap in Leeds though, so that’s definitely an option. I would also work at the climbing wall in this option.

3) I go back home and live with my mum in Hull and find a new job. It would be a lot cheaper rent however I love my job now. 

Luckily for myself, it is only February so I do have a few months to decide what to do before the time comes, but it is a very stressful situation. I’m also grateful I have many people to rant about this too, when I get increasingly more stressed because I somehow how to look after myself and become ‘mature’. 

Mature meaning: fully developed physically; full-grown. “she was now a mature woman”

Synonyms: adult, grown-up, grown, fully grown, full-grown, of age, fully developed, fully fledged, in one’s prime, in full bloom, nubile

I don’t fit those definitions. And I think I can vouch that Ash would say the same about herself too. I just want to travel, now. 

If anyone can give me any advice that would be fab. 


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